Join us for the Sticks Song Collection this Winter!

Your children will love playing follow-the-leader during "Follow me Down to Carlow," counting the stars while rocking in your arms during "Great Big Stars," and thinking up favorite treats from Grandma for "Trot to Grandma's House." In addition to your weekly classes, tuition includes a new songbook with beautiful color illustrations for each song, a newsletter full of resources and music-making ideas, and online access to the music and bonus activities. This semester, we will also be having a special Musical PJ Party—and you are invited! "It's like an itty, bitty Woodstock!"

About  this Collection

WINTER:  STICKS January 6th - March 15th

*We offer sibling and returning family discounts! (Siblings under 9month free in Mixed-Age classes). Scholarships available.

updated 1/20/20

The Nest 
3324 S. Grand Blvd., Spokane WA 99203

Mondays:    9:30am  w/  Michelle Lodato

Mondays:    11:30am w/  Heather Villa

Tuesdays:    4:30pm w/  Heather Villa

Thursdays:  10:30am w/  Heather Villa

Fridays:        10:30am w/  Heather Villa

Saturdays:   9:30am  w/  Heather Villa

Saturdays:  10:30am w/  Heather Villa

The Nest 
3324 S. Grand Blvd., Spokane WA 99203

Thursdays:  11:30am w/ Heather Villa

CAPA (child & parent assistance)
25 w. 5th ave, Spokane WA 99201

Wednesdays:   10: 30am  Heather Villa