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You:  have a fantastic product or service.

Me:    passion and drive to share YOU with the world through social media, news releases, media buying, networking events, business design, materials and more. 

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Did I mention I'm a singer? I've managed and sang up front in at least 5 different bands (including the Spokane Jazz Orchestra). When it comes to putting together live music for your event, I've got all the right connections, professionals and answers to work for you. 

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Why Don't You Do Right - Heather Villa
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Family  Music Classes

It's like an itty, bitty Woodstock!

Mixed ages (Birth-5yrs)

Parent or Caregiver w/Child

Music Classes in Spokane, WA taught by certified Music Together instructors from our local Songbird Music Together Center: Heather Villa, Melinda Sauder, Kelly Strine and Jennifer Slaughter.

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Voice Overs

My first experience "on air" was at six years old... but seriously, when it comes to voice over work, I've been at it for over 15 years! I work with many local production agengies and my work has been featured nationally. *Thank you for the team, and my friends, at Mortimore Productions for putting together these demos!

 Small  Business Consulting

I started working retail when I was 16, managed stores, and eventually opened up my own store, Bella Cova in 2014. I've learned a lot in the past 20+ years. It's overwhelming at times... I have been there! Let my experience work to your benefit!

Event  Coordination

Fundraisers? Social Events? Business Meetings? If you don't know where to begin, I've got the experience and connections to make your event shine, so you can sit back and enjoy!

Event  Stlying

Got a theme? I've got some ideas... like LOADS of them! Everything from kiddo birthday parties, to swanky dinner parties. Allow me to entertain some ideas with you...

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